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Story of Tirupati Laddu

  “Tirupati Laddu” which is popularly known as the “Srivari Laddu” – the mouth watering, delicious and yummy Laddu, which is the mainstay of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Prasadam for more than 300 hundred years....


The Tale of TIRUNELVELI HALWA and Rajput Cooks

HISTORY OF TIRUNELVELI HALWA The visiting card of Tirunelveli is its sweet delicious culinary preparation, the Tirunelveli halwa. It is a very famous dish not only liked by the inhabitants of Tirunelveli area but...


In Search Of The Perfect Dhoklas

image source: Dhokla A dhokla is a spongy savory cake made of gram flour, suji (semolina) or rice powder. Dhokla recipe is a very popular Guajarati dish prepared in almost every household in...



In a tea shop in a nondescript village near Palakkad, K. Pradeep discovers a flatter version of the idli, almost like a mini dosa, whose secret restaurateurs and chefs have not been able to...


Kumbakonam Degree Coffee History

Kumbakonam which is famous for its brass vessels, Music, Kadappa, Temples is also popularly noted for its degree or the filter coffee. A cup of coffee at the start of the day makes a...