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"Get Indian Goodies in Foreign Land, Delivery in 2 - 3 Business days"
Delivery to : USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia (list of Countries), Reviews

About Us

With the blessing of our Guru : Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamiji ( Kanchi  Maha periyva ), we present

Located in Mylapore, Chennai, we is an extension of  - We deliver fresh Indian Sweets and Savouries, Indian grocery  and a range of other Indian goodies to Foreign counties based on your requirement.

We procure the required goodies from renowned store, professionally pack and ship it to your preferred destination.

Orders will be executed the same day and we try to delivery in maximum 2-3 working days.

We Cater A whole list of items to foreign counties some of which are Sweets, Savouries, Rice Mix, Powders(Podies), Pappads (Appalam), Marriage seeru items, Marriage Gift boxes, parupu thengai,coffee powder, Home appliances,  Country medicines, general Groceries and other home needs.

We also cater bulk orders for Marriages, parties and functions.

We also specialize in Corporate Gifts.

The Story behind this website- is an extension of, In order to cater the demand for Indian goodies across the globe, has been launched.

How it all began

The demand for Indian goodies is still huge in foreign countries. The huge traffic of goodies which is sent by Kith and Kin from India to foreign land is continuing.

Troubling your parents,friends is something everyone wants to avoid.

We came up with this initiative where we do not want friends, family members to be troubled to get your desired Indian goodies in abroad countries.

All you do is log on to www.MYLAIBAZAR.COM Order your desired Indian items, we pick, pack and ship it to your preferred destination.

Looking forward to serve you better every day..!

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